The High Moor Event

Velshroom sent agents to awaken evil powers in the world to spread chaos and death throughout Faerun. However an unlikely group of heros came together to fight the chaotic evil spreading across the lands. A human cleric of Lathander, Marshall; a half-orc monk of , Morg; a Frost giant who was saved by Morg and now is Morg’s forever guard, Frostbeard; and a human paladin of Torm, Rye.

The heros forced the evils back to the High Moor, the center point of the reign of chaos and evil. Rye battled foe after foe, relentlessly forcing evil to bow to the power of Torm’s mighty vengeance. There was no other paladin quite like this servant of Torm, fearless against any foe and sacrificed himself for his fellow friends and all of Faerun. Deep in High Moor Rye faced his match however against a Blackguard of Velshroom, Dakken, the two battled for hours until Dakken severely wounded Rye then went to kill his friends. Dakken made about to make a killing blow toward Marshall when Rye using the remaining of his power and blessing to take the killing blow for Marshall. After being empaled by Dakken Rye sacrificed his remaining life to deliver an almost godly attack cutting Dakken nearly in half. Morg launched through the air by Frostbeard came down on Dakken to deliver the final killing blow.

Rye fell to his knees smiling up to Torm proud of his accomplishments in his name, as the cleric tried to deliver Lathander’s favor upon his fallen protector. However Rye’s wounds were corrupted by evil magic that could not be cured in such a corrupted area. As Rye’s life force slowly drifted from his body, his physical bodiment begain to vanish as well.

Torm reached his hands from the heavens in the first time in a millennia to touch Rye, giving birth to a new son making Rye a demi-god child of Torm. Rye returned to Faerun’s High Moor to finish the job in securing the realm’s safety.

The heros continued with even higher moral than ever to fight the onslaught of undead and evil powers within the Hight Moor. Cutting their way through the heros finally reached the source of its evil, however just barely too late, for the cult group has begun the resurrection of the ancient evil Dracolich. Rye again sacrificed himself for Faerun, taking hold of the beast and releasing all his holy power into the creature. This destroyed the dracolich forever as well as bring an end to the channel between the worlds at the same time this killed Rye, yet again, However this time Rye ascended to the heavens to join his father.

Through the accomplishments Morg gained the name Fists of Tempus and took control of a keep that overlooked the High Moor swearing to always keep a watchful eye, Marshall became a high priest of Lathander which he too took up a church within Dragonspear keep. Morg commissioned a huge statue made of the heroic event to encase the center point of the evil they put to rest, forever locking away the evil gateway.

The High Moor Event

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