The Great War of the Gods

Velshroom staged a war between Gods begins leaving destruction and mayhem upon the world of Faerun. During the war of Gods Tyr discovered the High Moor event and the war of gods was merely a distraction from Velshroom’s real goal to find and steal the godly artifacts to make him the most powerful god of Faerun. Before Tyr could warn the other gods he was gravely injured by Cyric, when Cyric stabbed Tyr in the back by a dagger poisoned by Velshroom. As Tyr’s wound began to feaster, seeing his own death approaching he sent the newly ascended demi-god Rye on a quest to stop Velshroom’s servants from retrieving the artifact and end the war.

Rye returned to Faerun to request the help of his friends once again. Morg Fists of Tempus, High Priest of Lathander, and the Mighty Frostgiant Frostbeard and Rye the Demi-god son of Torm set off to track down artifacts and stop Velshroom’s servants from acquiring them.
Through their journery through the planes, Rye rescued and befriended the reincarnated dragon god of justice Lendys, a gold dragon from the clutches of a great wyrm abyssal dragon. Lendys sworn his allegiance to Rye for they shared similar desires and code of honor. Now with Rye’s new godly gold dragon mount and friend, they set off to strike down the evil servants of Velshroom with great vengeance.

The heroic group ventured further throughout the planes collecting the artifacts and stopping Velshroom’s servants every time. Until they returned to Faerun home realm for the final piece to the puzzle. Here Rye faced Dakken once again like him ascended as a demi-god riding a shadow dragon. Rye sent Morg, Marshall and Frostbeard ahead to retrieve the artifact as he dealt with the demi god of anti-paladins. Rye and Dakken locked into battle as well as Lendy and Dacciu the shadow lord dragon giving the three heros to slip by to accomplish the goal and stop the war.

However a surprise was waiting for the heros in the tomb of gods. Dark mirror images of themselves stood in the way to victory. The dark Morg made a quick powerful attack toward Marshall, but before the attack connected Morg threw himself in its path getting caught in the eye by the powerful evil fist. This gave Morg a mortal wound destroying his right eye and leaving a vale open wound across his face. Marshall taking advantage of Morg absorbing the attack released a powerful holy spell that evaporated the evil clone of Morg as well as all evil within 60ft radius. This power nearly killed Marshall himself leaving him very weak.

Before the heros could gather the last piece Tyr showed up apparently corrupted by his wound tried to take the power of the gods for himself. Rye and Lendys stood proudly between the corrupted god and the heros. Rye disappointed and sad by Tyr’s lack of resolve and willpower to allow evil to corrupt him so struck him down, destroying the artifact and killing Tyr in the name of Faerun and justice. Upon destroying the artifact and killing Tyr an echo erupted throughout Faerun and the heavens.

Velshroom banished to god prisoned realm, The war of the gods had ended.

The Great War of the Gods

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